Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Phase 3 completed

Well - it took a while, but I now have about two-thirds of the allotment under cultivation. I've finished taking the turf off the next set of four beds, and the next step is to double-dig the new fruit beds and the raised beds where the potatoes will be (three of them this year!).

So far I have three sets of four beds, plus two groups of fruit beds marking them off from each other. One set of fruit beds is holding the strawberries - about to go out in January, as someone's advised me they don't like being mollycoddled too much. The other will hold blackcurrants, blackberries, gooseberries and rhubarb, if I can cram it all in!

Here's a rough idea of what it's all going to look like this season, with a bit of luck:

Root veg:
Early carrots
Early broad beans
Early peas
Late crop: Borlotti beans
Calabrese (early/mid/late season)
Duke of York (earlies)
British Queen (second earlies)
Strawberry beds:
Honeoye (early), Cambridge Favourite (mid-season) and an empty bed, this year to contain courgettes
Root veg:
Mid-season carrots
Mid-season broad beans
Mid-season peas
Late season crop: more beans for drying?
Summer cabbages (white + red)
King Edwards (maincrop)
Two beds of thornless variety tbc, underplanted with rhubarb
ShedGreenhouse (this year: tomatoes (cherry: Teardrop, plum: San Marino and beefsteak: Brandywine)
Hard standing for wheelbarrow etcSoft fruit:
Blackcurrants (Glen Parva), Gooseberries (Invicta), Rhubarb
Root veg:
Late-season carrots
1 wigwam of runner beans
2 wigwams of climbing French beans
Brussel sprouts
Winter cabbages (January King)
King Edwards (maincrop)

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