Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Onions & shallots

(the more pink stars - the better the variety)

Sturon: grown 2006, from sets

I'm not sure you'd get show-standard onions out of these ones: they were far smaller than I'd have liked (but then, I've never been brilliant at growing onions: and also I grew them through the drought season so they won't have had as much water as they should have).

However, the flavour was really good and concentrated, and the texture very solid and dense. We ate them with pretty much everything, which meant our three 11-ft rows were all eaten up between the beginning of August and the end of September. I didn't, therefore, get much of a chance to find out about their storing properties, but they're supposed to be very good.

Stuttgarter: grown 2007, from sets
Growing this year in an attempt to improve the size of my onions! Related to the show-bench onion, Stuttgart Giant, it's reported to have good flavour and keeping qualities.


Mikor: grown 2006, from sets

This is a compact, yellow-skinned variety with a pinkish heart. Small and rounded in shape.
I planted them in an unimproved bed and it was, of course, the summer of the drought - yet they did pretty well, considering.

The clusters weren't very big, and there were a lot of small kernels in them which were, to all intents and purposes, unuseable: but there were enough large-ish ones to make it worthwhile.

Flavour was mild compared to some shallots, but good. Keeping seemed to be pretty good (stored in a net bag from early August, lasted until October - but would have gone a lot longer, and don't forget the yield was low).

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